Security Testing

Vulnerability at any level mandates all information based IT environments - Mobile, Virtual and Cloud environments to be thoroughly audited as the threat perception to online information security only matures with time.

  • Though there are multiple ways of dealing with perceptions around security, the mechanism of identifying and resolving the possible loopholes and vulnerabilities would require exceptional caliber and smart approach.
  • At AES, we have been upgrading our Security Testing process and mechanisms based on global norms and protocols. Our trained, certified and experienced ethical hackers or penetration testers can identify the common areas of vulnerability and arrive to a pattern which can further help you to alter the way your security protocols are designed.
  • We believe in extending support and maintenance services that can help your team to upgrade the overall IT environment with the scope of being insulated from threats and vulnerabilities from time to time.

AES partners with premium agencies involved in creating guidelines of ethical hacking, enabling us to enhance our periodic security audit practices.

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Security Testing